Saturday, 21 May 2011

Slabcake - Playlist One (21/05/2011)

Show 1: the act of breakfast 
Here are details of the tracks played in the first edition of Slabcake on 21st May 2011.

Les Structures Sonores
from the album Les Structures Sonores N° 4

Michishige Tomohisa
from the album Gold Coins for a Cat
earn to Swim

Terry Riley
In the Summer
from the album Les Yeux Fermés and Lifespan
Elision Fields

Amazon link

Mix by Nicholas Jameson: "She brings in the dawning"

  • BBC Radiophonic Workshop
    Good Morning Wales
    from the album BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective
    BBC Worldwide Ltd
    Amazon link

  • Richard Burton and cast
    The Town Smells Of Seaweed And Breakfast
    - an excerpt from Under Milk Wood
    BBC Worldwide Ltd
    Amazon link

  • Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band
    Ramadan In Space Time
    from the album Egyptian Jazz
    Art Yard
    Amazon link

  • Roj
    Morning Break
    from the album The Transactional Dharma of Roj
    Ghost Box
    Ghost Box link
  • Brian Bennett
    Reflections on a Misty Morning
    from the album Aim High
    RPM link

  • David Devant and His Spirit Wife
    Cookie The Clown
    Kindness Recordings
  • MC CocOen
    from the album Zombie Autograph Hunter (radio edit)

Acid Wilhelm
Peridot from the single I was promised spacemen and flying cars 
Learn to Swim

Brian Eno
Slow Water
from the album Music for Films 
Virgin UK
Amazon link

Southern Charles
The Lights Inside (remixed by Acid Wilhelm) not yet released
Weeping Truckers

Sonnenschein from the album Muzik von Harmonia 
Amazon link

The Sun Shines at Your Door from the album The Luck of the Singers
Weeping Truckers / Blocks Recording Club 

Slabcake is produced by Learn to Swim Recordings for Chorlton FM
Presented by Pete Nitrous. Produced by Acid Wilhelm. 

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